The Challenge

Hey! I am the new online community and communication artist. What a great experience for a mere intern.

The team is cool. I really look forward to working with them. Just as much as you should.

I am gathering some material the CTO gave me.

I am hosting it on GitHub:

The CTO has told me about his vision for a BlockChain 5.0 Proof of Concept (POC) for VestaCoins. I sneakily managed to take a picture of him holding it.

He told me that I should try to assess the military grade security functionalities that he embedded in his software creation – the next revolutionary step for FinTech.

He told me real hackers would manage to find two flags.
I wish I knew how to solve it… especially as the payment is in VestaCoins.

The CTO also told me that he would regularly update some challenges so that the community can prove itself and get a pumping effect with VestaCoins.

They are under the challenges folder of the GitHub repo. Be sure to check it regularly.

I have to edit more things… in the meantime,, we have published a job offer to design a poster on the VestaCoin ICO. BlockChain 5.0 is coming to the masses! I can’t wait for the digital revolution to deliver!!

Update: I just received a cool gift from the CTO… ready to 3D print files of vestaCoins. This is getting real. I am hosting them on the GitHub page…