Job offer

Freelance Creative Action required!

Within the framework of its soon to be launched VestaCoin ICO, Vestatech is looking for a creative mind to design a poster promoting the VestaCoin token.

We will reward all registrations for this offer with 2 VestaCoins.

Respect the rules, and do something cool for this call for tender and earn 10 VestaCoins extra!

All poster proposals must be submitted by January 7th 2019.

The chosen design will earn its creator 50 VestaCoins.

You do not want to miss out on this generous offer!

Send an email to to enlist in the competition and earn 2 VestaCoins immediately. Please include your CyberChallenge pseudo-name for admin purposes.

You will thereafter be able to send us your proposals in JPEG format (A4 at 300 DPI) only.

We look forward to seeing what you can produce! For your information, we like Rock&Roll, Unicorns, Space Miners and Epic Dreams.