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The legacy of a vision...

Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to reach the stars.

Throughout my life people have told me that I would not achieve it. But I knew that nothing is impossible when you think outside the box!

Thanks to Vesta Tech, we now are acting as the round pegs in the square holes of the mining industry. We will reach a still unexplored market: SPACE, the so-called new frontier. We will mine it.

Technology allows us to achieve what others simply dream: Advanced AI innovations boosted by Blockchain 5.0.

Thanks to our Six Sigma expert team, we are pushing the limits of current technology in space mining to become the market game-changer through disruptive 360° management.

Join us and be part of your holistic future.

Sandrine Van Zwendel, VestaTech CEO

The legacy of a  vision...

Space mining beyond the Cloud

We Dream. We Build. We Achieve.

Blockchain 5.0 & SA2i®

Blockchain 5.0 & SA2i®

Blockchain 5.0 represents the latest technological disruptive leap in blockchain technology. Almost 2.000% faster than blockchain 4.0, Blockchain 5.0 embeds algorithms so powerful that even quantum processors cannot break them. Our Smart Advanced Artificial Intelligence (SA2i® – trademarks and patents pending) is recursively analyzing smart contracts by un-chaining them dynamically and in real time. With SA2i®, mutable object relationships are stored in  a centralized repository. The Blockchain 5.0 power is therefore revealed: blocks and objects are not depending on each other anymore as the ledger becomes ubiquitous and the blocks are all stored in our secure server. This smart revolution allows us to decrease dramatically the power consumption requirements, for the best of future generations.

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